Specialized in the Home Textile, the company produces and markets a wide range of products, including quilts, duvets, sheets, curtains, pillows, towels, mattresses and a large range of products and accessories for home and hospitality.
The company produces two collections per year, marketed under the Leiper brand (Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter). Developing its own catalog that is distributed in several distribution channels (warehouses retail stores and internet). Observant to different motivations and behaviors of consumers, we produce and distribute in different market segments: retail stores, large distribution, and production for prestigious private labels.
Leiper’s Product Design, Research & Development department provides an important contribution to market brand awareness. The creative process is driven by market needs and trends, advanced production solutions and aesthetic sense of the target market segments. LEIPER’s design, R&D department makes careful selection of materials, quality standards, durability, and safety; guidelines that ensure the product user a complete satisfaction experience.



One of LEIPER goals is to be positioning itself as a strategic partner of home textiles private labels firms, which require high quality products and aims to have in the network of suppliers, producers strongly committed to meet the most demanding requirements (deadlines, quality, innovation in materials solutions and design). All our products can be customized (colors, models, embroidery, fabric composition among others), since LEIPER have an integrated production system and with high verticalization, that enables high customization and responsiveness to partner’s needs. Our design R&D team will be able to develop home textiles solutions to private label clients in a creative dialogue that allows the development of innovative and aesthetically appealing results that ensure success in the market.


In an increasingly volatile and uncertain market there is growing concern for our partners to work with small product stocks. LEIPER considers that one of the central features of the business competitiveness is based on meeting deadlines and high capacity to respond to the requests of its clients. In this context, the Leiper Group has invested heavily in logistics facilities and resources that enable a high storage capacity (products and raw materials) to provide quick stocks replacement / response. This responsiveness is increased with a very flexible production system that allows us to operate competitively, even in small production series.


LEIPER has a team strongly oriented to provide a service of excellence (before and after sales). Our clients are always welcome in the service channels target for them. In our “show room” are greeted by one of the managers of the group and responsible for the commercial department. Clients can interact with the company’s employees using several means of communication and information technologies (telephone, skype, e-mail, web site in person) always in an considerate and diligent manner.