Since Leiper´s foundation, the management team devotes high concern in achieve excellence in products and services. For us quality is measured in terms of: customer satisfaction, loyalty and compliance with the highest expectations.


The trust in a company with over 25 years of history is gained in a daily basis, with involvement of all stakeholders (employees, suppliers and customers). Therefore, the client encounter a high production flexibility system, competitive prices, high quality, reduced “lead times” and after sales service that aims the excellence.


We expect the highest performance levels, integrity and sense of responsibility in our employees. The management fosters an organizational climate that values people, made of mutual respect, honor and fairness, pillars that influence the attitudes and behaviors of the whole team.


And to achieve this goal, we invest systematically in production technology, employees training, refining an organizational culture that encourages the continual improvement of business processes and solutions development that add value to all stakeholders.


We have in our strategic agenda a social responsibility policy which aims to ensure organizational performance with reduced environmental impacts, encouraging the adoption of production and management practices that give a positive cont.