LEIPER was founded in 1986 by the current CEO Rui Leite Pereira, who instilled in the project the leadership and strategic vision of transforming LEIPER into a recognized company in the home textile and mattress sectors. LEIPER is an institutional acronym based on the family name of the managing partners (three members of the Leite Pereira family) and which symbolizes the founder’s strong commitment to the family business, that has its surname. Starting as a small home textile producer, LEIPER has been growing, gradually, and in a consolidated manner. And presently has approximately 13,000 m2 of modern facilities, which are divided into three units, that integrate the functional areas of production (home textiles and mattresses), commercial / marketing, and warehouse / logistics services.
As a crowning of commercial and financial-economic success and performance indicators, since 2010 the company has been recognized by appropriate management practices, being assigned the award of Small Medium enterprise – LEADER and Excellency by IAPMEI (Prestigious Portuguese Institute that supports investments and competitiveness).
The company it has an integrated production system (filling unit, quilting / padding, and manufacture unit (home textiles and mattress), which provides high responsiveness and competitiveness in a vast range of products. Of the several products produced we highlight the duvets, bedspreads, comforters, and mattress.
Our duvets / comforters are known in the market for their quality. The production process does not use resins (use hollow fiber) and, for the reason, the products don’t lose volume after washing and have a soft appearance, that transmits comfort and reveal greater durability.
LEIPER production system has high flexibility and market responsiveness that allows quick response and short lead times in order processing. LEIPER is a leading company that systematically invests in technology and human resources training. We provide our partners home textile and quilting / padding solutions, based on the knowledge obtained over more than 30 years of existence and experience



LEIPER provide the customer a home textile experience that delight all the senses. Creativity in design, innovation incorporating creative materials and solutions and excellence and quality in product production are the reasons for the Leiper group success. We want to be recognized in the market as an agent of excellence and vanguard in the home textile sector; “LEIPER THINKING HOME TEXTILES”. With a strong customer orientation, we believed in a set of values that shape the competence, commitment of our team to the client and other stakeholders. The position that we intend to achieve in the business areas in which we operate, is built, day by day, through a solid set of values, which condition our performance:
Engrossment and strong commitment to excellency



Leiper activity is the Design, Development and Manufacturing of Home Textiles, Mattresses, Civil Aviation Textiles, Hospitality. Marketing of Home Textile complements.
Since its foundation it is a concern of Leiper’s management team to achieve standards of excellence in products and services. For us, quality is measured in terms of satisfaction, loyalty and meeting the client highest expectations. To the extent that, in Leiper the client finds a high flexibility of production, price competitiveness, quality, compliance with deadlines and service after sales, that aims the excellence. Management promotes a work environment that values people, making the mutual respect, honor and equity, pillars that conditioned the attitudes and behaviors of the whole team. And to achieve this goal, we invest systematically in production technology, in employees training and promote an organizational culture that encourages compliance with requirements and continuous improvement of the processes of the Total Quality Management system, business processes and the development of solutions that provide added value for the company and market.